Here's How It Works

We've got four steps for you to use Rook. If you follow the formula, there's nothing stopping you from raising your budget faster, keeping your supporters happy, and being a better missionary.

Step 1: Set Goals

Set financial goals. Contact goals. Donation goals. Whatever goals you might think would help you raise your budget faster, keep your supporters happy, and be a better missionary.

Step 2: Add Contacts

Upload, create, edit, or import your contacts. It's so easy - a couple of clicks and maybe some keyboarding.

Step 3: Track Donors

Log your conversations, pledges, tasks, and donations to see your support raising health in real time.

Step 4: Celebrate

Congratulations! You've raised your budget and are actively receiving reports and notifications about your support team. With the help of Rook, you've tamed chaos and disorganization. What once may have brought great stress and anxiety, has been a huge blessing to you and your team!