The Fundraising App for Missionaries

A complete ecosystem of tools for fundraising and financial health. Raise your budget faster. Keep your supporters happy. Be a better missionary.

It's Your Time to Thrive

We've seen an alarming number of missionaries leave the field because of the overwhelming stress of fundraising - that's not going to be you. Rook exists to help you thrive in the mission field. Raise your budget quickly. Get to the field faster. Stay on mission longer. Bring your support team with you.

Actively Organized

Slay Chaos, Raise Funds

Chaos and disorganization were the dragons of our fundraising efforts.
Rook slays those dragons with active reporting, weekly emails, personalized statistics, and by helping you build your support pipeline.

Advanced reporting

Reach the Field Faster

Set goals and achieve them. Each dashboard has personalized metrics for your contacts, donors, and goals to visualize your fundraising health. Want to reach your destination quickly? It starts with knowing where you are.

Personalized Pipelines

Never Drop the Ball Again

Our personalized supporter pipelines help you envision the status of your contacts, prioritize your conversations, and follow up with your donors. The days of dropping donations are behind you.

Customized Notifications

Be the Missionary that your Supporters Love

We know that you love your support team, and they should know it too. Actively include them in your wins and struggles, be reminded of birthdays, and keep up with other important personal details.

What our users will say

Our official product launches in January. But if we had users, they would probably say stuff like this.

“Rook is one of the most spectacular software solutions I've ever used. I raised my budget, kept track of my supporters, and have been able to see my donor data in real time.”

Tina Jones
“Rook's support team has been incredibly valuable in helping me raise my budget. The solution just works. If you're a missionary, you need to use this!”

Jake Warren
“Raising support is hard. All of contacts and data were in different places and I could never remember who I needed to call and when. Rook has changed that for me. Thanks Rook!”
Kim Smith

Level up your fundraising

Get started today and take a step toward fully funded.